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A ROS package that contains several modules to work easier with rospy.

At its current version it contains 3 main modules:

  • param_utils: Utilities to work with ROS parameters
  • func_utils: Several generic functions
  • coroutines: Utilities to enable pipelining of data processing methods.

Future version will include another module that ease the programming of topic publishers and subscribers.

Installing instructions

To install rospy_utils, you need to follow these steps:

$ cd <your_catkin_ws_dir>/src
$ git clone https://github.com/UC3MSocialRobots/rospy_utils.git
$ rospack profile
$ roscd rospy_utils
$ # Install dependencies of the package
$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


You can also test it by runing nosetests or tox inside the rospy_utils dir.


Comming soon


The license of the package is custom LASR-UC3M (Licencia Académica Social Robotics Lab - UC3M), an open, non-commercial license which enables you to download, modify and distribute the code as long as you distribute the sources.

Quality Metrics

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Code Quality Reviews:

I’m using different automatic code review tools since each one provides slightly different code checks.

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